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Medical Device Component Manufacturer

Devoted to serving the medical device industry.

Founded in 1970, Disposable Instrument is a medical device component manufacturer and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. We are entirely devoted to serving the medical device industry. We focus on the needs of companies like yours and understand the regulations and practices of the medical device industry.

Reliability. The first requirement of any medical device.

Our raw material is analyzed by an outside laboratory and certified to ASTM F-899 and ISO 7153-1 or ASTM F-138 and ISO 5832-1 for stainless steel used to manufacture medical device components. Your components are traceable by part number, heat number, job number or lot number; and the records are kept for not less than seven years. Part dimensions are controlled by statistical analysis and each and every part is visually inspected for burrs, cracks, pits, finish and workmanship. What you order is what you get.

Customers are the only reason we exist.

Changes in your daily business are inevitable, and we respond promptly. Your components are kept in stock for multiple release orders to meet changes in your schedule, and we’ll work overtime to fill your urgent orders. Your phone calls, faxes or e-mail messages are answered promptly. Our mission is to serve our customers so well that they become loyal customers because of the unparalleled service we provide.

35,000,000 metal medical components

We have produced over 35 million metal medical device components. Our broad knowledge of which metal alloys are suitable for various application and design features can help you get the most functional component at the optimum cost. Contact us for suggestions.

Take advantage of our years of experience. Contact us today.

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