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Disposable Instrument is your source for stainless steel surgical components including Wound Drainage Trocars, Fixation Pins, Steinmann Pins and K-Wires, Tunnelers, Guide Pins, Obturators, Handles, Points and Ends.

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Surgical & Medical Components

Wound Drainage Trocars – Bendable Trocar 

Wound Drainage Trocars

Wound Drainage Trocars are sharply pointed surgical components. Generally made from surgical-grade stainless steels. A Wound Drainage Trocar has a connection end that is either threaded or barbed or machined smooth to a specific...
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Fixation Pin - Steinman Pin - K-Wire 

Fixation Pins | Steinmann Pins | K-Wires

Fixation wires and pins are generally made from implant-grade stainless steels. Steinmann Pins are generally made from implant-grade stainless steels. K-wires are similar to Steinmann pins but typically have smaller diameters.
Tunneler - Surgical Components for Medical Devices 


Tunnelers are surgical components generally made from surgical-grade stainless steel, Tunnelers usually have tapered portions as well as smooth spherical tips, but can also have sharp pointed tips if needed. Our tunnelers and other...
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Guide Pins - Custom Medical Components 

Guide Pins

Guide Pins are surgical components similar to intramedullary (IM) pin. Our guide pins and medical components for the medical device industry are manufactured to your specifications using the highest quality materials.
Obturator - Custom Manufactured Medical Device Components 


Obturators are surgical components such as a stylus or rod. Typically, obturators have one rounded or radius end. We manufacture custom order obturators and components for the medical device industry, produced in the US using surgical...
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Surgical Instruments: Handles - Points - Ends 

Handles | Points | Ends

Choose the end points, cutting blades, handles, finger buttons, barbs, threads or fittings that you want for your surgical components. Our stainless steel components are custom manufactured in the United States to meet ASTM...
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About Us

Disposable Instrument is entirely devoted to serving the medical device industry with top quality components. We understand the regulations and practices of the industry.

Medical Components

You can be confident of smooth and consistent cutting pressure with the cutting edges and piercing points on our stock or custom order components.

Our Process

We go beyond industry standards with proprietary manufacturing processes that produce stainless steel components with a distinctive high gloss finish.

Why Disposable Instrument?

  • Custom-manufactured stainless steel surgical components is our primary business
  • We have quicker turnaround with our inventory management
  • Our customer service and manufacturing is located in the US
  • We have United States and European representation